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5 Benefits of AR (Augmented Reality) for Home Repairs

Discover how using AR technology in your home repair services helps reduce response times and cut costs. Learn about the benefits of AR at Fixzy.

Making the Right Call: Using Content Recognition to Assess Water & Fire Damage

Discover how insurers can use content recognition technology to assess water and fire damage and streamline the claims process. Learn more at Fixzy.

Firstcall Live Help Using Fixzy Assist Technology

See how Fixzy Assist has helped Firstcall transform their business using remote augmented reality technical support.

5 Use Cases for Augmented Reality in Property

Discover how to use augmented reality in the property industry for maintenance, home improvements and more. Discover the power of AR at Fixzy.

Spark Lose Their Internet Connection

See how Fixzy Assist can help resolve issues such as losing internet connection quickly and efficiently using remote technical support.

How AR Technology Supports Councils and Housing Associations

Discover how augmented reality (AR) can help local council and housing associations streamline their repair and maintenance service in this guide by Fixzy.

On the Ground: How a Fixzy AR Home Repair Works

AR technology applications continue to expand across industries, from insurance to property. Use this expert guide to learn how Fixzy AR Home Repairs work.

How to Prevent Mould and Detect Water Damage in a House with Computer Vision

Learn how to detect water damage in a house & explore how to prevent mould with computer vision technology. Unlock the power of computer vision with Fixzy.

How to Scale Alarm Installations with AR and Computer Vision

Remote alarm installation reduces cost and inconvenience. Explore how AR and computer vision makes remote alarm installation possible with Fixzy.

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Fixzys remote visual assistance technology is powered by Computer Vision AI, Augmented Reality and propriety Deep Learning solutions, allowing field service and customer service agents to provide live video guided solutions for issues maintenance and emergency solutions in real time.

When a home visit is necessary the technician has already inspected the problem before arriving which drives up first time fix rates and efficiencies.