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4 Use Cases of AI in Property Management

Explore exciting use cases of AI in property management. Discover how AI property management tools reduce costs and improve service with Fixzy.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising business in every sector. Although the initial uptake in property management has been slower than other industries, the sector is finally experiencing a digital transformation of its own, thanks to the arrival of new and affordable solutions that incorporate AI technology.

Innovative landlords and property managers are leveraging AI property management tools to lower their costs, provide a competitive experience for tenants and ultimately, reduce occupancy turnover to an absolute minimum.

How is this possible? What are some of the use cases of AI in property management, and how can more landlords and property managers take advantage of new solutions on the market?

Understanding the Potential of AI in Property Management

Broadly speaking, AI is intelligence generated by machines. Machines solve issues, recognise features of the world and react autonomously, with minimal human intervention.

Recent improvements in AI technology have facilitated an increase in practical applications. Onsite visits can be reduced, both by landlords and contractors. Simple fixes can be addressed by the tenants themselves, with remote guidance provided through smart-device enabled web apps.

Content recognition and computer vision can assess the severity and types of damage instantly, providing detailed reports to repair companies at the earliest opportunity. In short, AI has the potential to empower landlords and property managers to get ahead of issues that could cause them to sustain heavy repair costs or manage unhappy tenants.

But how can landlords and property managers access AI for property management? The answer is simple: through remote visual assistance web applications.

Tenants and occupiers only need a smart device to access a web link, which opens a programme infused with AI technology to help solve their issue.

Let’s take a more detailed look at some of the applications of AI in property management and explore how remote fixing apps like Fixzy help to achieve new levels of rapid service in the industry.

1) Proactively Identifying Damages

Modern AI technology can identify damages using computer vision. The use of technology ensures that problems are rapidly identified without being misdiagnosed by tenants, providing accurate assessments of damages directly to the experts.

Repair personnel don’t need to visit the property to assess the damages in the first instance, speeding up the entire fixing process considerably.

2) Fixing Product Issues in Record Time

With AI property management tools, the make and models of appliances can be immediately identified. A library of user manuals can be immediately downloaded, allowing occupants to fix simple issues themselves wherever possible. Connecting with remote visual assistance to guide and solve problems live……??

3) Better Chatbots, Quicker Responses

Chatbots have come a long way in recent years. Approximately 1.4 billion people used chatbots in 2020, with more customers than ever reporting their willingness to use them.

Far from the frustrating, unhelpful digital assistants that plagued customer service in the early 2010s, modern chatbots powered by AI can react to FAQs for tenants and occupants round the clock. As such, AI chatbots provide peace of mind to occupants as and when problems occur, making 24 hour service possible in property management.

4) Automating Workflows to Reduce Manual Admin

One of the strongest use cases for AI in property management, the automation of workflows cuts cumbersome email communications to much more manageable levels. With less manual intervention needed than ever before, property managers can more easily scale their operations and develop an increasingly varied property portfolio.

Finding the Best Property Management Tools

The best way to manage properties with AI is to use a purpose-built tool that is easy to use, affordable and compatible with multiple devices. Property managers and landlords don’t have to rely on manual processes to keep their properties occupied and their occupants happy.

What to Look for in an AI Property Management Tool

There are several features that you should look for in an AI property management tool:

  • No download: the best AI property management tools don’t require your occupiers and tenants to download apps to their smartphones or tablets - they should be able to run via a simple web link.

  • AR (Augmented Reality) overlay: remote visual assistant tools should provide AR overlays, enabling contractors to clearly communicate with occupiers and tenants.

  • Shared storage: modern AI property tools should allow you to save photos and media, allowing you to quickly refer back to previous problem areas and rapidly communicate historic fixes. 

AI in Property Management Tools: Simplifying Property Management

Not all landlords or property managers will take advantage of the benefits of AI. But those that do stand to gain significantly from reduced costs, minimal occupancy turnover and dramatically improved, competitive levels of service for tenants and occupants.

Without the need to facilitate complicated, inconvenient onsite visits for every issue, property managers and landlords can free up their time to focus on building their portfolios, or solve more issues that urgently require their attention.

Investing in a remote, visual assistance solution like Fixzy is an affordable way to leverage AI in property management. Property managers and landlords can quickly reduce their costs and make their property portfolios more manageable, all whilst providing an outstanding level of service for their tenants and occupants.

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Posted in Blog Articles on Sep 08, 2021