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5 Benefits of AR (Augmented Reality) for Home Repairs

Discover how using AR technology in your home repair services helps reduce response times and cut costs. Learn about the benefits of AR at Fixzy.

Home repair businesses are under constant pressure to provide faster, more efficient repair and maintenance services for their customers. The traditional home repair business model is time-consuming, requiring several steps between the initial call-out to the final invoice.

Additionally, lockdown restrictions prevent businesses from operating as usual, which delays service engineers from getting to customers promptly.

Dealing with the day-to-day demand with the added challenges of a global pandemic has resulted in a growing case of backlog requests for many service providers. These inefficiencies typically frustrate customers and stunt business growth as a result. 

Using AR can help service technicians overcome these challenges by streamlining operations and increasing accuracy. Leveraging AR technology allows you to stimulate, assist and improve the repair process by enhancing real-world elements with computer-generated imagery.

Read on to discover five key benefits of using AR for home repairs.

1) Helps Reduce Response Time

One of the significant benefits of augmented reality is that it helps service technicians respond to repair requests quickly since they don’t have to visit a site or property to diagnose the problem. Instead, your customer can access a PWA (progressive web application) on their smart device to share live footage of property defects. 

AR overlays help you assess the damage to determine if the issue has a simple fix, if it requires replacement parts, or if a home visit is necessary. Technicians can assist the customer remotely using a live video feed and add AR overlay instructions viewed by everyone involved.

Leveraging AR enables service technicians to address service requests faster and with greater efficiency. Our AR solution helps increase remote assistance by 80% while boosting self-service success by as much as a third.

2) Reduces Operational Costs

AR not only empowers technicians to respond faster to repair requests using self-help service but also streamlines end-to-end operations, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. 

Following an AR checklist when inspecting a device and access a customer service team if they need further assistance helps them pinpoint the problem and solution on the first attempt. If they have already interacted with the customer via self-help service, the engineers will already have valuable insight into fixing the problem before they arrive on location. 

Using AR technology for home repairs increases the first-time fix rate, eliminating the needs for unnecessary follow-up visits and reducing operational costs by 19% almost instantly.

3) Greater Fuel Efficiency

As a field service provider, you’ve probably experienced situations where engineers were called out to a site or property to fix an issue that the customer could easily sort out themselves. These visits are a massive waste of resources and vehicle dispatches. Not only are vehicle dispatches expensive, but higher amounts of time spent driving results in more fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Using AR to help customers solve these minor repairs remotely reduces the need for travel, and therefore, lowers the amount of carbon your workforce releases into the air.

As a forward-thinking company, the need to work with customers and supply chains to reduce carbon emissions is vital. To achieve Net Zero by 2050, we’re committed to halving emissions before 2030, with AR technology leading significant change from the front.

4) Higher Customer Satisfaction

Faster response times and more efficient home repairs naturally lead to higher customer satisfaction. By harnessing the benefits of AR to provide emergency or out-of-hours support, you demonstrate to your customers that you’re available even when a home visit isn’t possible.

Guiding customers through minor repairs remotely saves them from paying for an in-person visit. Since your company saves money on operational costs, you can afford to charge less for your services.

High efficiency and accuracy with lower costs make customers feel like they’re getting more for their money, which boosts their satisfaction with your service. AR means you can showcase your business as a trustworthy, readily available provider that gets the job done quickly and accurately –– without having to deal with sky-high fees.

5) Separates You From Your Competitors

Since AR is still in its early stages within home repairs and maintenance, adopting the technology will place you miles ahead of your competitors that are still committed to outmoded traditional methods.

Additionally, augmented reality maintenance training is an excellent option for any employees looking to upskill. AR allows senior technicians to share their skills and knowledge interactively. According to PwC, using AR maintenance training can boost engagement and knowledge retention for your trainees, enabling your organisation to enforce consistent, measurable standards at scale.

AR has the power to create countless opportunities for field service companies to add value to their services to stay competitive in the ever-evolving business environment.

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Posted in Blog Articles, Home Repairs on Jun 01, 2021