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Exploring Fixzy’s Remote Assistance AR Demo

In this Fixzy guide, discover how Fixzy’s AR demo can help enhance your daily operations, customer experience and bottom line.

Demand for remote assistance soared in popularity in 2020 as the whole world went into government-mandated lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, exciting new platforms are taking remote assistance to the next level, using AR and internet connectivity to resolve technical incidents faster and more accurately than ever before.

With Gartner predicting that over 50% of field service management deployments will include mobile AR collaboration by 2025, it’s clear businesses are beginning to recognise the cost-saving benefits and versatility of this innovative technology.

How AR Remote Assistance Works

AR remote assistance works by streaming video to connect field workers with off-site specialists via a smart device. By integrating AR-enabled tools, like hand overlay, technicians can then provide real-time visual guidance to end-users to resolve issues faster and more efficiently.

Let’s walk through the AR remote assistance demo from Fixzy Assist and explore how your business can leverage technology to drive efficiencies in your repair and maintenance operations.

Breaking Down Fixzy’s AR Demo

An AR demo is the perfect opportunity to understand the benefits of AR in your working environment before implementing the technology.

Here, we’ve outlined the three key stages of a Fixzy Assist call to highlight how quickly you can deploy AR remote assistance in your organisation to save time and money:

Step 1: Connect

Remote working may have accelerated in the pandemic, but the trend was already underway long before. Furthermore, it shows no sign of disappearing. Modern businesses, therefore, need to be prepared for a new wave of digital transformation — and AR remote assistance is key.

Fixzy Assist enables remote communication that’s quicker, more efficient and less expensive than face-to-face meetings, ensuring teams stay connected from anywhere. On top of that, Fixzy Assist is easy to use.

To connect to an expert, users simply need to respond to a connection request sent to them via text or email with a short reference explaining the reason behind the call. There’s no need to download an app, as the Fixzy Assist link works directly in the browser on every device (smartphone, tablet or computer) to make remote communication as streamlined as possible.

Step 2: See

After accepting the Fixzy Assist call, the off-site technician will be able to see exactly what the end-user sees through their device’s camera.

However, Fixzy Assist is much more than just a video call. With AR-powered tools, the remote technician can offer real-time guidance as though they were right next to the user, ensuring they follow robust safety standards and best practices:

  • Pen tool: Sometimes verbal instructions are not enough. For immediate clarity and to reduce the risk of confusion, off-site specialists can draw on the user’s screen to highlight areas of interest and provide on-screen instructions.

  • AR hand overlay: This feature enables technicians to offer clear, over-the-shoulder advice from anywhere. Technicians can provide visual instructions in real-time by overlaying their hand on the user’s screen. In other words, they can interact with the user’s surroundings as if they were really there.

  • Hand tools: Use a wrench, screwdriver or pliers in real-time to demonstrate what the user needs to do to resolve the issue. Experts can give novices step-by-step instructions with confidence, helping to reduce the skills gap in a scalable way.

  • Pinch zoom: To guarantee legibility and accessibility, technicians can pinch to zoom on PDFs, images and even live video. Technicians don’t need to worry about missing any details.

  • Message: Noisy environments or language barriers can make verbal communication more difficult when working remotely. Fixzy Assist comes with a messaging solution so that technicians can relay instructions to end-users in the quickest way possible. A built-in translation tool also helps knock down language barriers for international teams.

Learn more about Fixzy Assist’s featureshere.

Step 3. Resolve

Fixzy Assist can help organisations improve their first time fix rates by 82% by giving technicians the opportunity to check out the problem before visiting the site.

Allowing technicians to view the issue in real-time with the help of AR technology leads to two possible scenarios:

  • The technician provides support and guidance to the end-user, empowering them to resolve the issue themselves.

  • Before visiting the site, the technician fully understands the problem, meaning they can prepare their tools in advance and speed up the repair process.

Either way, the path to a resolution is smoother and cheaper with AR remote assistance.

Fixzy Assist also turns resolutions into training resources to ensure every fix is a learning opportunity for workers. By recording and downloading the video session, the technician can provide an enhanced learning journey for junior employees with a safe, real-life experience.

Why Choose Fixzy Assist?

With computer vision AI, augmented reality and deep learning, Fixzy Assist bridges the gap between specialists and end-users, no matter where they are. In a post-COVID era when telework is still a booming trend and convenience and safety is on everyone’s mind, it’s clear remote assistance is here to stay.

You don’t need to be a tech whizz to experience:

  • Slashed operational costs

  • Improved customer service

  • Fewer carbon emissions thanks to fewer vehicle dispatches

  • Increased first time fix rates

  • … and more

Our AR-powered web app empowers organisations to achieve cost, energy, and time savings by making remote repairs and maintenance simple.

Embrace the Power of AR Remote Assistance with Fixzy

Experience the benefits of augmented reality, computer vision and machine learning with Fixzy’s simple-to-use, intuitive web app.

Whether you aim to cut costs, drive efficiency or improve customer satisfaction, Fixzy Assist is the perfect solution for your business in an ever-remote environment.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch to request a free demo.

Posted in Blog Articles on Oct 25, 2021