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Fixzy Assist joins SFHA

Innovative remote visual assistance platform, Fixzy Assist, has become a member of the SFHA (Scottish Federation of Housing Associations).

Innovative remote visual assistance platform, Fixzy Assist, has become a member of the SFHA (Scottish Federation of Housing Associations). The company is dedicated to helping social housing organisations overcome the urgent challenges facing the sector, especially in the aftermath of the global pandemic.

The company has partnered with the SFHA to broaden its user base and offer greater coverage across housing associations based in Scotland. 

Fixzy Assist enables housing associations to better manage, catalogue and action repairs in properties by immediately connecting end users to experts remotely. The tool doesn’t require end users (such as tenants, property occupants and carers) to download smartphone apps. Fixzy’s remote visual assistance tool cuts carbon emissions by limiting the need for vehicle dispatches of repair personnel, who would otherwise have to conduct onsite inspections prior to starting maintenance work.

Due to the remote nature of Fixzy Assist, housing associations can provide urgent remote support for vulnerable tenants without requiring repair personnel to enter properties. Experts can guide carers and tenants through self-repairs safely, whilst limiting their exposure should another Covid-19 variant mandate future lockdowns or government restrictions.

The tool provides SFHA members an easy way to scale up repair work quickly, without extensive internal staff training. Members that use Fixzy Assist are assigned their own account manager that onboards housing associations’ teams within weeks. 

In under 12 months, Fixzy Assist has reduced the carbon emissions of a national building repair company by 28%. SFHA members receive a two week free trial, with a guarantee that housing associations will save costs, improve customer service and cut their carbon emissions provided they follow the recommended onboarding process.

By providing detailed information to experts in advance, first time fix rates increase dramatically. The tool can also generate and capture 3D models of physical spaces, providing digital twins of property portfolios, enabling housing associations to keep tenants safe and ensure their compliance.

Built by Paul Greaves, a repair expert with over 30 years of experience working for housing associations across the country, Fixzy Assist combines cutting-edge augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision technology with an easy-to-use interface.

Fixzy Assist’s technology was developed in partnership with the University of Edinburgh. The company is a member of the SME Climate Hub and will be featured in .Digital Bark, the housing association’s industry magazine run by DTL Creative.

CEO and Founder, Paul Greaves, said:

“We’re delighted to partner with SFHA and bring Fixzy Assist to a wider range of housing associations. Our mission has always been to empower housing associations to provide better shelter for those that need it most. We recognised that the housing industry needs to find ways to do more, with less, which is why we developed Fixzy Assist.”

“Our partnership with the SFHA is a huge step towards achieving our dream of providing greater dignity for social housing tenants and better solutions for aspirational housing associations.”

You can book a free demo with Fixzy Assist today via their website or get in touch directly by emailing Andy Hobbs: andy@fixzy.co.uk 

Posted in Blog Articles on Oct 26, 2021