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Video Tutorials

Fixzy Assist Mobile App Tutorial - Room Dimensioning

This is a short tutorial on how to view your recent call history and data through the Fixzy assist app on your mobile devices.

How to create a 3D room plan

  1. Open up the app.
  2. Go to the measurements section at the bottom of the screen. 
  3. Create a reference to find it in the job section. 
  4. After being guided to the measurement toolkit, you will be instructed to calibrate the floor
  5. If you have difficulty calibrating the floor, simply move your camera side-to-side until a mesh appears.  
  6. Next set the parameter of the room. Start in one corner and move the camera to the other corner points. You can edit these points by aiming the camera at them and selecting the plus symbol. 
  7. To set the height, simply drag the camera up to the level of the ceiling and confirm it. 
  8. Next you will be prompted to mark doors, windows or damage on walls. To mark one of these features select the tool at the bottom and place corresponding corner to corner. 
  9. To make a note, press the note icon tool, enter a title, description and confirm. 
  10. To save a dimension, select the room type from the drop down menu and press save. 
  11. The saved dimension will be found in the jobs page.

Posted in Video Tutorials on Nov 02, 2021