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On the Ground: How a Fixzy AR Home Repair Works

AR technology applications continue to expand across industries, from insurance to property. Use this expert guide to learn how Fixzy AR Home Repairs work.

Augmented reality (or AR) technology uses digital visual elements to create an enhanced version of a real-world environment.

Industries like insurance, manufacturing, construction, and property are increasingly adopting AR technology applications to perform diagnostic, maintenance, and repair tasks.

Read on to discover how AR technology applications, like Fixzy, can create cost-efficiencies and rapid response resolutions in property maintenance.

How Augmented Reality Works Using End-to-End Visual Assistance

Fixzy’s remote visual assistance technology is powered by computer vision, AI, AR and proprietary deep learning solutions. Our solution allows field service and customer service agents to provide live video guidance for maintenance and emergency issues in real-time.

How Does Augmented Reality Technology Work in Property & Home Repairs?

AR technology applications work by highlighting, measuring or overlaying computer-generated perceptual elements into physical spaces.

With a tool like Fixzy, tenants or homeowners use an AR hand overlay that provides clear guidance to select areas of a property with an on-screen pointer. 

Users can then choose from a range of tools, including 3D room planners and document sharing, to access the assistance they require. Fixzy works anytime, anywhere.

AR Home Repair Support From Our Customer Service Centre

1) Connect

The agent sends a connection request via SMS/email via their desktop to the customers’ mobile phone to initiate a live video session.

2) Assist

The agent can see the problem and guide the customer to resolve the issue using AR functionalities like image recognition or video recording.

3) Resolve

Once the problem has been addressed, the agent can either close the job or provide further assistance if required.

Field Service AR Home Repairs

1) Connect

The Field service technician simply sends a connection request via SMS/email from their mobile phone to the customers’ mobile phone to start a live video session.

2) Assist

Field service agents can identify problems with AR features and advise the customer on how to resolve the issue.

3) Resolve

Once a resolution has been reached, the agent has the power to visually check if the problem has been addressed and provide further assistance if needed.

Benefits of Self-Service AR Technology Applications

By empowering end-users with intuitive self-service technology, contact centres and field service teams are under less pressure when urgent repairs are required.

AR technology slashes operational costs while improving customer experiences thanks to remote problem identification and rapid response resolutions, leading to a 22% increase in first-fix rates.

Better yet, you can reduce your company’s carbon emissions with fewer technician call-outs by assessing problems from any location.

Experience AR Home Repairs & Maintenance with Fixzy

Today’s thriving companies can power digital transformation efforts with innovative AR solutions like Fixzy, making home repairs a breeze with cutting edge, no-download, self-service technology.

Get in touch to transform your property management, or request a demo today.

Posted in Blog Articles, Home Repairs on Mar 18, 2021