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Hiring Contractors to Help Renovating Your House: Where to Start

Explore how to start renovating a house with AR from Fixzy. Leverage the power of technology to fully realise your home renovation ideas.

One of the most significant challenges for homeowners, young and old, is knowing how to start renovating a house. There are so many competing priorities that the whole process can feel overwhelming. Whatsmore, it’s often a challenge to identify and calculate home renovation costs, with nasty surprises and unexpected repairs causing plenty of headaches along the way.

Homeowners investigating how to start renovating a house often have to make snap decisions on which contractors to hire. But carefully selecting effective contractors can make the difference between realising your dream home renovation ideas and budgets getting consumed by a cascading nightmare of spiralling costs.

New innovations in AR (Augmented Reality) in the home improvements and repairs industry enable homeowners to make more confident decisions about which contractors to hire. For the first time, innovative contractors are leveraging technology to reduce total site visits, gathering accurate data about properties without sending staff into homes. Homeowners that hire such contractors can quickly source expert advice more efficiently, avoiding expensive mistakes before they occur.

So how does AR technology achieve this and what do homeowners stand to gain from hiring contractors that work with tools like Fixzy?

What is AR and How Does It Lower Home Renovation Costs?

AR stands for Augmented Reality: the technology by which a computer-generated image of a real, physical location is superimposed with additional images within the computer programme, providing a composite view of both. Think Pokemon Go but for practical repairs, measurements and surveying.

Recent upgrades in AR technology now means that users no longer need to download an app. Devices can be transformed into a conduit for AR in home renovations via a simple web link sent to a user’s smartphone or tablet. Homeowners can thus rapidly open programmes that collect data for contractors with minimum inconvenience.

With no need to send contractors to properties in person, companies can save on petrol costs and facilitate more remote site visits than ever before. As contractor overheads reduce, so will their prices. More remote providers will encourage greater competition, lowering prices for homeowners over time.

Let’s explore some of the additional benefits of AR technology for home repairs, first for contractors and then for homeowners. 

Contractors can quickly:

  • Accurately take spacial measurements
  • Assess damage to ceilings, walls and floors: need to change a couple of these, i will update 
  • Identify problem areas such as damp or mould.

How does this benefit homeowners?

  • Less onsite visits mean that inconvenience is kept to a minimum
  • Rapid support for unexpected complications discovered in the process of renovating a house.

By reducing the number of site visits that contractors and surveyors need to make, homeowners can start home renovations quicker.

Reducing Site Visits: How to Start Renovating a House, Faster

Reducing site visits by contractors is an essential factor in helping homeowners to start renovating their houses faster. There are several reasons this is the case.

How Will Homeowners Benefit from AR in Home Repairs?

As we mentioned earlier, the most significant benefits for homeowners hiring contractors that use AR involve increased convenience and reduction of cost. Contractors and surveyors checking the status of a property don’t need access to explore the work that needs to be done, enabling them to prepare for the tasks with pinpoint accuracy.

From a homeowner perspective, this solves one of the greatest frustrations of renovating a house: the lack of suitable tools for the task at hand. It also reduces the amount of time homeowners need to spend in a property with contractors, allowing homeowners to avoid using significant stretches of holiday from office-based work.

Onsite visits that previously may have taken hours to complete can now take place remotely in a matter of minutes. With only 26% of British people saying they will continue to work from home permanently or occasionally after lockdown restrictions ease, a significant portion of homeowners stand to benefit from a more flexible, remote approach.

Furthermore, homeowners can confidently get in touch with experts when unexpected problems occur with the renovation process. Delays in getting advice with new issues are kept to a minimum, ensuring that issues don’t get worse in the meantime. Home renovation costs can be kept under control with quicker response times from contractors and surveyors that utilise remote AR solutions like Fixzy.

Renovating Your House: Starting with Modern Surveyors Using AR Solutions

Renovating a house is a significant undertaking. But it doesn’t need to be more complicated than necessary. If homeowners check whether their contractors are leveraging AR solutions like Fixzy, they stand to gain from a more streamlined, cheaper and more efficient process.

Homeowners are best served by contractors that understand and pass on the benefits of modern AR solutions. By hiring contractors that invest in AR technology, homeowners are sure to get the most out of their home renovation ideas for the best price.

Harness the Power of AR: Realise Your Home Renovation Ideas with Fixzy

Ask if your contractors are using Fixzy’s innovative technology today. 

We use artificial intelligence, computer vision, AR and deep learning to help contractors provide the most flexible, cheapest service to homeowners looking to design their homes as they see fit. Embrace certainty with Fixzy’s no-download, self-service technology for contractors.

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Posted in Blog Articles on Sep 01, 2021