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How AI Helps the Best Construction Companies | Fixzy Assist

Discover how emerging tech solutions are helping innovative construction companies get the vital edge they need to meet client standards with Fixzy.

How tech helps the best construction companies deliver high standards

How can you ensure construction and servicing staff meet the high standards you need to protect your property’s value and habitability long-term?

Even the best construction companies may not be familiar with repair techniques in older properties. Similarly, between the recent labour shortage and skills gap, newer workers may need more support to deliver to client specifications. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the routes innovative construction companies are exploring to improve the quality of their repairs and deliver consistent standards. 

Read on to find out how modern technology solutions like Fixzy Assist can guarantee high professional standards in your construction and home repair services.

3 ways innovative construction company are improving their standards

1) Measuring once, with pinpoint accuracy

Tape measures are a time-tested and flexible tool within the construction industry. Unfortunately, they’re far from perfect. With limited ranges and significant human error present, they’re no match for laser-guided measurement tools. 

Although laser-guided tools are faster and more accurate, they’re also far more expensive than traditional tape measures. Fortunately, measurement technology is increasingly accessible. Apps that use your very own smartphone are emerging to fill the gap: combining the high standard of accuracy that laser-guided tools provide with the convenience of the tape measure.

All you have to do is point your camera at the area you want to measure. AR measurement tools take the guesswork and human error out of the equation to provide precise spatial data. As a result, construction firms can provide more accurate job quotes and reduce their materials cost at the same time.

2) Verifying task requirements ahead of time with easy user validation tools

The best construction companies are competent and reliable. They forge lasting commercial relationships using their reputation to grow their client base and build steady revenue streams. 

Unfortunately, the construction and property maintenance sector suffers from low first-time fix rates. Without proper communication of job requirements, servicing staff often need to assess a job before they can begin working to solve it. Diagnostic steps get in the way of fixing problems, which wastes time, money and squanders professional relationships in the process.

Web-based applications are an emerging solution. Using them, tenants can easily raise issues with property staff. In turn, the job data is relayed to maintenance staff who receive the vital information they need to get the job done on the first call. As a result, staff can tackle issues more readily and manage larger workloads, helping revenues grow with each completed call out. 

Smaller jobs can even be solved using live video calls. Pointing and drawing tools can help empower tenants to fix their problems with expert guidance available in real-time.

3) Addressing small issues before they become big problems

Innovative construction companies are switching tactics to become more proactive. By identifying problems earlier, firms can safeguard properties from chronic problems that could harm their evaluation. AI tools are helping them manage the increased workload and prioritise the most vital work earlier, all without staff having to physically visit premises each time. 

Modern AI technology can identify property damage using computer-aided vision. These tools scan areas faster and more accurately than surveying staff are able to. With property scans conducted more regularly and comprehensively, small issues can be identified before they develop into big problems.

Crucially, AI technology ensures that problems are identified without having to rely on misinformed tenants reporting them. Instead, accurate assessments of damages reach the experts directly in a timely fashion.

Best of all, AI software can use deep learning techniques to improve their performance so prevent issues from developing at all.

Digitise your toolbox and deliver more value to clients

Between the skills shortage and backlog of work, aspiring construction firms need to find new ways to deliver high standards as they face the current industry pressures. 

The construction and property maintenance sector has the lowest rate of digitisation of any other industry. Luckily, construction and servicing firms have a growing body of tech-based solutions at their disposal to help them improve their operations and standards for clients. All they need to do is join the digital transformation and begin using them. 

While AI and AR solutions can’t solve all of the sector’s issues, these same tools can help innovative construction companies. Most of all, tech-based solutions can help firms stand out as reliable, competent and cost-effective partners in commercial property management.

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Posted in Blog Articles on Nov 08, 2021