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How Fixzy Assist Increased First Time Fix Rates for Firstcall Trading Services

Discover how Fixzy is increasing first time fix rates for Firstcall. Learn about the ways businesses can reduce carbon footprint by using Fixzy Assist.

In recent months, the Right to Repair campaign has been gathering momentum on both sides of the Atlantic. Customers worldwide are frustrated with appliance manufacturers that artificially engineered products to break down within a few years, only for spare parts to be made unavailable at the same time, forcing consumers to purchase new items.

Consumer repair frustrations extend far beyond the scope of appliances and tech devices. Systemic inefficiencies in the home repair services industry have resulted in unacceptably long waiting lists and furious customers. With extreme weather conditions set to become more common over the coming years, the problem is only set to get worse unless action is taken now.

A significant contributing factor to the inefficiency of repairs is due to low first time fix rates. But thanks to modern technology, home repair services companies can finally do a lot more with what they have, better leveraging their resources and driving down delays.

We’ll explore how Fixzy Assist managed to achieve increased efficiency for Edinburgh-based Firstcall Trading Services, as well as what increasing the first time fix rate means for customers and why remote virtual assistance is the next step forward for the home repair services industry.

Why Are First Time Fix Rates So Low?

There are several reasons why first time fix rates have been low in the past. For a start, the home repairs industry is resistant to change. Whilst other industries have been completely transformed by technological advances, the home repairs sector has hardly evolved since the arrival of the smart phone. The technological innovations that have emerged, such as laser measurements, perform one single function, increasing the size of the workman’s toolbox without offering a pragmatic solution to address operational limitations.

Additionally, the home repair services industry sometimes incentivises increased callouts over the successful completion of multiple projects. If repair personnel charge per callout, there is less appetite to perform first time fixes. The result is a frustrating experience for occupiers, tenants, insurers and property managers, as damages can get worse in the time that elapses between personnel dispatches.

But the consequences of low first time fix rates go much further than frustrated consumers.

The Consequences of Low First Time Fix Rates

When repair cycles are slow, costs increase for all involved. More callouts of repair personnel result in significant stretches of time spent on the road, driving up petrol costs and contributing to CO2 emissions.

With companies desperate to prove there are ways that businesses can reduce their carbon footprints, ambitious home repair services are turning to remote virtual solutions to achieve more with less.

How Fixzy Assist Helped Firstcall to Increase First Time Fix Rates

Firstcall is a trading service that covers Scotland. Based in Edinburgh, the company recognised the opportunity to drive up first time fix rates and strengthen their business by leveraging remote virtual assistance tools. Using Fixzy’s smartphone-compatible web application, Firstcall has successfully enabled their staff to execute fixes more rapidly and reliably in three significant ways.

  1. Scoping the job in advance: 

A link is sent directly to the occupant, who then initiates a call with a Firstcall repair expert. Over the course of the remote call, using AR, draw tools and recordings, the full scope of the job is communicated before personnel are dispatched.

  1. Collecting, collating and organising media and readings:

Beyond providing an interactive interface with which the expert and property occupant can communicate, Fixzy also enables Firstcall to retain access to all media generated by the call. This includes drawings, video and audio. 

  1. Measure everything in a call: 

Remote virtual assistance allows Firstcall Trading Services to take accurate measurements and readings through the end user’s smart phone. There’s no need to measure onsite, which can be time consuming and involve additional tools depending on the measurement in question. The Fixzy Assist web app also enables users to take 3D CAD drawings, measuring exact dimensions in fully rendered graphics, ensuring that measurements can never be disputed.

What Were the Results?

Since deploying the technology, Firstcall Trading Services have seen an increase of 82% in their first time fix rates. The company has also benefited from the following:

  • Quicker fixes: A faster rate of fixes reduces waiting times to an absolute minimum.
  • Reduced operational costs: Less vehicles on the road cuts fuel costs, whilst maximising employee productivity.
  • Fewer vehicle dispatches: Lowering CO2 emissions at the same time as driving down vehicle maintenance costs.
  • Happier customers: Providing a competitive service enhances the business’s reputation.
  • Better employee management: More efficient resourcing leads employees to enjoy a better work/life balance.

Driving Down Inefficiencies to Push Up First Time Fix Rates

Remote virtual assistance has the capacity to increase growth prospects in an industry hampered by inefficient practices. Technology has now advanced to the point where onsite visits can be reduced to a minimum, benefiting businesses and employees alike in the home repair services sector.

By utilising exciting new solutions, home repair services can scale up their businesses and save their employees time currently spent stuck in traffic jams. Home repair companies can help to reduce CO2 emissions, lower spend on petrol and provide a competitive service at the same time. But to do so, they will need to invest in remote virtual assistance solutions.

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Posted in Blog Articles on Jul 05, 2021