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Why a Landlord Should Embrace Augmented Reality for Property Management

Discover how augmented reality (AR) streamlines property management for landlords. Learn more about the power of AR in this expert guide by Fixzy.

Being a landlord comes with its challenges, and you never know when the next maintenance demand will appear. To comply with legal requirements, landlords must make every effort to address repairs and maintenance needs promptly.

Getting service engineers to your property quickly can be tricky, especially during the pandemic when restrictions and safety concerns prevent engineers from carrying out their duties like normal.

The good news is that Augmented Reality (AR) offers strategic advantages for landlords responsible for a portfolio of properties. You can inspect appliances, damages, and safety checks remotely to manage multiple properties without being physically present.

Keep reading to learn more about how AR technology helps with property management.

Responsibilities of Private Landlords

Whether you have years of experience managing a large portfolio of properties, or a new landlord getting ready to rent out your first property, you’re bound by a set of legal responsibilities. These include:

Meeting safety standards

Landlords have a legal responsibility to carry out regular routine checks to ensure gas, electric, and fire safety is up to scratch. It’s your duty to have these checks carried out safely.

Energy performance certificate

You will need to buy an EPC for your property before you rent it out, and since April 2018, your property must have a minimum EPC rating of E. Breaching this requirement results in a hefty £4,000 penalty.


As a landlord, you’re obligated to ensure your property is safe and structurally sound, with functional heating, electric, and water supply. Your property must also have adequate drainage and ventilation, a suitably located toilet, a bath or shower and a washbasin.

Should any of these parts fail, it’s your responsibility to get them fixed for your tenants.

How Augmented Reality Helps with Landlord Repairs Responsibilities

Coordinating maintenance and repairs is perhaps the most time-consuming challenge that private landlords face when managing multiple properties. The more properties you have, the more difficult it is to schedule and complete even minor repairs on time.

That’s where AR technology comes in handy, since it provides an accurate way for landlords and service engineers to assess damages or defects from a different location. On top of that, field service technicians and customer service agents can provide live video-guided solutions for maintenance and emergency issues in real-time.

When a home visit isn’t possible, your tenants can access the intuitive AR system through their mobile phones where visual overlays help them, for example:

If a home visit is necessary, a huge advantage is that the dispatched technician already knows what the problem is before arriving, increasing first-time fix rates and efficiencies.

Practical Uses of Augmented Reality for Property Improvements

Landlords can also use AR for other property maintenance and improvement tasks, such as:

Energy Audits

Energy audits help landlords understand their properties' energy consumption level to ensure the ESC rating meets regulatory standards. 

Utility specialists usually carry out audits with specific permission to enter the building to find fixes or upgrades designed to make properties more energy-efficient. However, sometimes these energy audits can’t feasibly occur when required due to backed-up logs or safety concerns preventing a technician from entering the building.

Using a smart device to access an AR system, your tenants can interact with a professional that guides them through a series of steps to complete the evaluation themselves. Using AR overlays streamlines the process with real-time instructions placed directly in your tenant’s field of view.


Renovating your property can take a lot of planning, especially if you want to upgrade more than one estate. AR technology can speed up the process by showing you the best path to meet your renovation goals, helping you make decisions faster.

For example, CAD 3D models enable you to create a 3D floor plan of your space with just a few clicks. A specialist agent can guide you remotely or on-site to inspect an area and uncover any upgrade needs or damage. If necessary, the agent can produce repair quotes without visiting the property.


Collecting precise measurements can be challenging when planning a property improvement project. One incorrect measurement estimation can throw off the entire renovation. AR apps like Fixzy Assist help you take accurate measurements with ease to keep your project on track.

AR Provides a Better Experience for Your Tenants

Tenancy agreements usually come with a 24/7 emergency repair service, and landlords should perform quarterly inspections to ensure the property fulfils the health, safety and energy requirements.

Using AR, you can carry out home inspections remotely via their tenants in just a few minutes, helping you spot issues faster to take action before they become more serious. Additionally, AR for landlord property management provides a straightforward self-service experience for your tenants by empowering them to fix specific problems themselves.

AR technology also simplifies any refurbishing your tenants wish to do. Should new tenants want to paint the space (with your permission), they can film the room and use AR overlays to find the best paint colour. Visually capturing wall measurements helps determine how much paint is needed to avoid waste and overspending.

Additionally, AR improved efficiency and first-time fix rates result in reduced operational costs, saving you and your tenants time and money.

These aspects all contribute to creating a secure and enhanced experience for your tenants, which will encourage them to remain with you for longer.

Streamline Your Property Improvements with Fixzy

Leverage Fixzy’s cutting-edge, no-download technology to address repairs and maintenance requirements in your tenants’ homes promptly and efficiently.

We use artificial intelligence, computer vision and AR to take the guesswork out of home repairs and improvements, enhancing your property management.

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Posted in Home Repairs, White Papers on Mar 09, 2021