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About Us

A leading provider of cutting edge remote guidance and support technologies

Read below for how Fixzy have evolved into one of the foremost providers of AI, Machine Learning and AR solutions for remote guidance and support.


Surveying Technology


Our team of highly skilled tech entrepreneurs collaborated with Insurance companies to provide a solution to allow accurate surveys for water and fire damaged properties, tasked with collecting data including measurements, photos, floor plans and a schedule of works required to repair properties.

After four years of advanced research and development we where ready to launch our mobile surveying app utilising Googles Tango platform and our existing technology.

Surveying Technology
3D Scanning

3D Scanning


In 2016 we introduced Lidar scanning technology to provide accurate outdoors measurements and provide a solution that would allow us to produce stunning 3D models.

Our interactive 3D models allowed us to identify repair works that where required us to use a simple drag and drop works menu to provide a highly accurate schedule of works that could be validated in real time by a desk adjuster.

The Middle


With a new vision of putting our years of experience, research & development and our IP into a simple solution that could be used remotely or by the end user.

We started the journey utilising AR to provide remote guidance along with our award winning computer vision features to provide a remote assistance app available via any smart phone.

The Middle
Fixzy Remote Assistance

Fixzy Remote Assistance


Fixzy remote assistance is a powerful solution to provide guided remote assistance around the world. With our collaboration with Edinburgh Uni to develop computer vision models and access to AR tools including 3D room plans, accurate measurements, Computer vision AI to detect defects and image recognition, hand overlay, group calls and a whole host of tools to allow remote guidance in any situation.

As an innovative technology company we are committed to developing new features to provide the best customer experience, reduce operational costs and cut carbon emissions.

Assist anytime & anywhere in the world.

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