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Visual customer engagement troubleshooting tools

Resolve common issues faster.

Whatever the installation task and however complex, Fixzy Assist offers a range of computer vision AI and augmented reality solutions to help. The platform can identify items instantly and provide advice for install and troubleshooting, alternatively an expert can show their hands on the end users device in AR for immediate step-by-step guidance.

From simple tasks to complex installs, Fixzy Assist resolves them faster leading to significantly increased customer satisfaction


Connect Instantly

Create an instant connection with anyone in need of support, irrespective of the issue

Immediately Assist

See what the client can see to diagnose the issue and assist remotely

Issue Resolution

Resolve the issue immediately using our cutting edge AI and AR technologies

Enhance your customer service with visual guidance

schedule a live demo

Significantly reduce the requirement for operative call outs, whilst ensuring that your customers are fully supported post purchase using our next generation remote video assistance. Our augmented reality and AI solutions will ensure that any installation tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently, with reduced on-site input.

To see how Fixzy Assist can radically improve installation tasks schedule a live demo today.

See how Fixzy Assist can
help your customers

Fixzys remote visual assistance technology is powered by Computer Vision AI, Augmented Reality and propriety Deep Learning solutions, allowing field service and customer service agents to provide live video guided solutions for issues maintenance and emergency solutions in real time.

When a home visit is necessary the technician has already inspected the problem before arriving which drives up first time fix rates and efficiencies.


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