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Empowering medical professionals through cutting edge AI and AR

Resolve common issues faster.

Fixzy Assist wants to revolutionise the medical industry through the use of remote video assistance, next generation computer vision AI and augmented reality. Not only can our technology connect end users with doctors and equipment experts immediately, to assist in the setup and operation of personal care devices, but can connect fellow healthcare professionals.

Put medical experts and healthcare operatives into the palm of end users hand, Fixzy Assist is the future of the medical industry.


Connect Instantly

Create an instant connection with anyone in need of support, irrespective of the issue

Immediately Assist

See what the client can see to diagnose the issue and assist remotely

Issue Resolution

Resolve the issue immediately using our cutting edge AI and AR technologies

The future of medical equipment setup and operation

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Whether an end user needs to setup a personal care device at home or ongoing support with the operation of healthcare equipment, Fixzy Assist is the ideal solution. A user is connected via their mobile device to an operative, this could be a technology expert of healthcare worker, who can determine the device in question immediately using AI. Then using remote video assistance and augmented reality the expert can guide the end user with step by step instructions on how to setup, operate and maintain their personal healthcare equipment, without actually having to visit the users location.

To see how Fixzy Assist can benefit medical organisations set up a live demo today.

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Fixzys remote visual assistance technology is powered by Computer Vision AI, Augmented Reality and propriety Deep Learning solutions, allowing field service and customer service agents to provide live video guided solutions for issues maintenance and emergency solutions in real time.

When a home visit is necessary the technician has already inspected the problem before arriving which drives up first time fix rates and efficiencies.


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