Lighting is an integral part of any home, and making it economical, stylish and right for you is very important. There are are many different options, from classic chandeliers to high tech, low energy lighting; LED technology is the new kid on the block, and very popular with those who are energy conscientious as it uses only a quarter of the energy when compared to traditional lighting - a no brainier if you want to save money on your bills! LED technology is also designed to be very cool to touch, lowering the risk of any overheating and potential fire within the fabric of your property. The average life of LED bulbs is usually 10 times more than popular alternatives, so you won't be needing to hop up ladders to replace them so often!


⚫️ LED Lighting

⚫️ Security Lighting

⚫️ Halogen Lighting

⚫️ Low Voltage Lighting

⚫️ Automated

⚫️ Down Lights

⚫️ Under cupboard

⚫️ Garden Lighting

⚫️ Flood Lights

⚫️ Remote Switching

⚫️ Movement Sensor Switches 

⚫️ Dimmable Lighting 

⚫️ Mood Lighting

⚫️ 5 Amp Lighting Sockets



 We are all guilty of's so easy to get an extension lead and a splitter plug and quadruple your socket numbers, but it can be very dangerous. Overloading sockets is a cause of many electrical fires nationwide every day. Installing extra sockets may seem like a big job, but we will make it as painless as possible. Safety is the key with all electrics, and we'll carry out testing to make sure your installation is adequate for any additions.


⚫️ 13 Amp Socket Outlets

⚫️  Fused Spurs

⚫️ Cooker Supply's 

⚫️ Power Shower Supply's

⚫️ Boiler Supply's 

⚫️ Out Building & Shed Supply's

⚫️ Additional Sockets

⚫️ Electric Heaters

⚫️ Electric Radiators

⚫️ Water Heaters 

⚫️ Immersion Heaters






Your fuses keep blowing? The consumer unit keeps tripping out? What is this impossible problem?! Impossible is nothing for FiXZY. When you've pulled all of your hair out, and all your marbles have been well and truly lost, drop us a line and we can come and sort any issue out, as quick as a flash! We will show you the light at the end of the tunnel!


⚫️ Lighting Faults

⚫️ Socket Faults

⚫️ Consumer Unit Faults

⚫️ Accessory Faults

⚫️ Nuisance Tripping   

⚫️ Tripping Circuits

⚫️ RCD/RCBO Faults

⚫️ Burnt/Fire Damaged Accessories 

















Need a new circuit, Consumer unit or have an extension needing fitting out? FiXZY Will help you out!








Installing a new circuit need not be a huge overhaul to your home and life. We can make it so painless you won't even know we've been there! Contact us today to discuss your project.


⚫️ New Lighting Circuits

⚫️ Installation of Smoke Alarms

⚫️ New Power Circuits

⚫️ New Consumer Units

⚫️ Additional Consumer Units

⚫️ Garage Consumer Units

⚫️ Extensions

⚫️ Loft Conversions

⚫️ Additional Consumer units

⚫️ Complete And Issue Installation Certificate




















Need a new appliance installed safely? Speak to us about it!































Choosing the correct size and power appliance is difficult in itself, but making sure your electrical installation is up to your new addition is really something for a professional. Look no further ... FiXZY will advise you on this, and give you confidence in choosing what's right for you.


⚫️ Surveying Your Electrical Supply

⚫️ Investigation of Appliances'

⚫️ Making sure you get what's right for you

⚫️ Making Sure Everything Fits Just Right






Are things going Snap, Crackle and Pop in the night? No, it's not someone eating a bowl of cereal, it's probably your electrics telling you they need to be rewired! There are plenty of different options when rewiring a dwelling. It really doesn't have to be a major operation, and in lots of cases, it's fairly painless. Drop us a line to discuss solutions.


⚫️ Design Your Desired Installation

⚫️ Working Out The Best Way To Manage The Project From Start To Finish

⚫️ Choosing With You All The Right Accessories

⚫️ Finishing/Plastering All Damaged Walls And Ceilings

⚫️ Complete And Issue  Installation Certificate




The general outlook with home electrics is, "If it's working, it's fine", and that really isn't the case. Sometimes you can be living with multiple faults within your system. An 'Electrical Condition Report' is a complete safety check, much like your car's MOT, reassuringly designed to make sure your electrics are safe and 'road worthy'


⚫️ Physically Inspect Accessories (Sockets, Lights, Cables etc)

⚫️ Make sure Everything is Operating Properly

⚫️ Test All Cables Within Your Home

⚫️ Isolate Or Make Safe Any Dangerous Items

⚫️ Complete And Issue Certificate




Managing your own home is hard enough, but having to manage another property at the drop of a hat, is tough! Let us take all the hassle and stress away for you. Check out all the things we can do for you...


⚫️ Safety Certificates

⚫️ Upgrading, to a Rentable Safe Standard

⚫️ Start/End of Tenancy Inspection

⚫️ Supply and Install of appliances

⚫️ Installation of Smoke Alarms

⚫️ General Breakdowns/Repairs/Emergencies




Whether you need work done in your home, office or warehouse, we can fit whatever you have and in mind. New server, extra phone points, data points, network points, we've got it covered!

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