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Bridge the visual gap between customers & contact centres

Agents can see what their customers see through their smartphone cameras, and visually guide them to resolutions.


Complex issues resolved instantly using AI and AR

Powerful visual automation

Fixzy's proprietary computer vision AI and augmented reality provides resolutions to the most complex situations in an instant, making it the ideal solution for aftercare support on an infinite number of products and services. Instantly connect customers and aftercare support staff, to ensure that any task or issue no matter how big or small is rectified immediately.

The technology allows end users to resolve anything from device malfunction to initial product setup, and using deep learning analyse and resolve the situation immediately. For increased customer satisfaction and heightened call centre productivity, Fixzy Assist is the ultimate visual assistance tool.

Aftercare support

Connect Instantly

Create an instant connection with anyone in need of support, irrespective of the issue

Immediately Assist

See what the client can see to diagnose the issue and assist remotely

Issue Resolution

Resolve the issue immediately using our cutting edge AI and AR technologies

Dramatically improve call centre productivity

Increase agent productivity

Are you looking for an innovative solution for increasing call centre agent productivity, ensuring higher customer satisfaction and improving your bottom line? Fixzy Assist offers the ideal platform to achieve your goals through powerful remote video guidance technology.

Our solutions empower contact centre staff to take control of even the most complex customer requirement instantly, and using computer vision AI and augmented reality resolve issues straight away.

Fixzy Assist is the future of call centre to customer commmunications.

See how Fixzy Assist can
help your customers

Fixzys remote visual assistance technology is powered by Computer Vision AI, Augmented Reality and propriety Deep Learning solutions, allowing field service and customer service agents to provide live video guided solutions for issues maintenance and emergency solutions in real time.

When a home visit is necessary the technician has already inspected the problem before arriving which drives up first time fix rates and efficiencies.


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