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AR Measurements
transformed into 3D plans

Highly accurate real time room planning is powered by our unique AR and deep learning modules.


AR Measurements
& 3D Room Plans

Accurate measurements simple and easy with a few clicks.

Full 3D floor plans and models instantly

Ready to share with customers, write estimates, upload for projects

Create stunning 3D floor plans that can create full models and perfect measurements of any space using Fixzy Assist's AR measurement tool. Whether this is created with the supervision of a remote agent or an on site operative, this is a powerful yet simple solution for the creation of damage inspection reports and repair quotes.

Using an intuitive interface or drag and drop schedule of works, this entire process can be completed in minutes without the need to enter the property.

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Woman using app

Accurate AR measurement in your hand

Learn how artificial intelligence works

Powerered by innovative augmented reality technology, the Fixzy AR measurement tool will create inch perfect measurements, 3D floor plans and models of any environment. Using any mobile device, a user can create a true to life "digital twin" in 3D in minutes. Combining powerful AR and AI, this solution creates a fully interactive 3D model.



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